The Puffit story

I became a cartoonist by accident having, earlier, managed to fail Art O level. It all began when an oboist colleague, liking the humour in my little 'doodled' self-portraits, invited me to draw illustrations for a promotional leaflet for a new Summer School.

This quickly led to a request for harp Christmas cards for Salvi Harps, London , and very soon Puffit Greetings Cards were launched, selling at music shops throughout UK and then in other countries.

Why Puffit? As a three-year-old I developed a passion for the breakfast cereal, Puffed Wheat, which I called 'Puffets'. The nickname stuck. When I began cartooning and needed a pseudonym I decided that 'Puffit' would be an appropriate one for an oboist.

My cartoon commissions have now covered EMI record tokens, IMP music book covers, illustrations for magazines and articles, catalogue covers, a CD cover and special Wedding, Retirement, Christmas and other cards.

If you or your business would like to personalise your message with a special humorous design - whatever the subject - I would love to hear from you.

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