Oboe - A Reed Blown In The Wind

Oboe - A Reed Blown In The Wind

(ISBN 0-9518072-0-X. Sewn paperback. 240pp 23cm. 380 illustrations/music examples.) Illustrated by the author. First published (Puffit Publications), 1991. Reprinted 1992. Reprinted 1999.

I wrote this book to fill a gap in the market - namely to provide a book about the oboe which can be easily understood by amateurs beginners and young players, as well as by serious students and professionals. It has something for everybody from "How to Start" to "How to Cheat".

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"...What a treasure trove it is! attractive, readable and informative book...every conservatoire library should have a copy and so should everyone who plays and teaches the oboe." Winds

 "...Every page is full of useful hints and tips, made more digestible by the inclusion of musical anecdotes collected from many players and illustrations in true 'Puffit' style." Musical Opinion

"Everything has been done to make each one of her 240 pages as useful as possible...well enough done to establish Whittow as an important contributor to oboe literature." Music Teacher

 "...This thoroughly enjoyable packed full of useful information, plenty of humour, and musical experiences which should give us all something to think about... No stone is left unturned in this fascinating book." ISM Music Journal

"...[This book] packs into its compass a huge amount of information...and presents it so delightfully that one hardly realises how much is being offered. Thoroughly recommended." The Musical Times

"...Marion Whittow's nothing if not comprehensive. From blowing your first note to turning up for an engagement at the right time in the right place, she calls up the commanding voice of experience." Classical Music

"...[Marion Whittow's] text covers all aspects of being an oboist; beginning with making the first sounds and going on to discuss, among many topics, breathing, practice techniques, reed-making, repertoire and concert etiquette, there are even sections on concert dress and the building of the instrument...A vast amount of information is imparted without talking down; the advice comes as if from an enthusiastic and exceptionally well-informed friend." The Galpin Society

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