Puffit's Oboe Pocket-Sized Problem Solver

Puffit's Oboe Pocket-Sized Problem Solver

(ISBN 0-9518072-1-8. Saddle wire stitch paperback. 32pp 15cm. 42 illustrations/music examples.) Illustrated by the author. Published 1997 (Puffit Publications)

This little book provides quick answers to common playing problems, and suggests how to solve them, whether the player, instrument or reed is to blame. Handy reference for those with no teacher to turn to, or whose playing is rusty or less advanced, and for woodwind teachers without specialist knowledge of the oboe.

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"I enjoyed reading this booklet which covers a variety of aspects of oboe playing. It is in two main sections, the first comprising a series of questions and answers, the second called 'Reference Library'. The first section is packed with very detailed and informative answers. The latter part offers helpful advice on crucial elements of playing (ie embouchure, posture, breathing, reeds, oboe care and purchasing). There are also 'Hot Tips' after each question and answer topic and the text is presented in an informal and easy-to-read format." Double Reed News

"[Marion Whittow] covers various aspects of technique, choosing a reed, practising and performance in an informative, though necessarily brief, way, illustrated by her own amusing little cartoons. The specialist's enormous breadth and depth of knowledge is evident. The answer to the 'I hate practising and find it boring' question should be read out to all pupils once a term!" Woodnotes

"Marion Whittow has written a little book looking at the commonest problems found by the young (or not so young) oboist. Breathing, posture, fingering and quality of instrument are vitally important to players of all woodwind instruments, but vary considerably from instrument to instrument. A publication which specifically targets these and other areas on the oboe is not just welcome, it is overdue. "Among the problems peculiar to the oboe discussed are: forked F, sharp, flat and 'squawky' notes, aching wrists, lack of stamina and 'my reeds won't work'. "If you are not an oboist, but have oboe students as a peripatetic teacher, this work will be a great help. Even if you are an oboist, Marion Whittow's attractive little book, with her own humorous illustrations will be (along with her more detailed A Reed Blown in the Wind) a worthy complement to your own expertise." Winds

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